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HeadacheExpert is a unique reference that collects together expert articles about the causes of headaches together with practical advice on how to prevent, treat and manage them. Using HeadacheExpert to learn more about the triggers for specific types of headache may suggest lifestyle modifications that will help you avoid those triggers in the future and suffer fewer headaches.
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Alternative Treatments
Alternative Treatments: Botox and Surgery, Chiropractic Care for...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Numbness in Head With Pain and Dizziness: What Can it Be?, Constant...
Case Studies
Case Studies: My Sports Injury Lead to My Headaches: A Case Study, My Headaches...
Causes: Male and Female Differences in Headache Triggers, When to Suspect...
Headaches: Types of Headache: Facts and Figures, Flicker Illness, What is the...
Living With Headaches
Living With Headaches: Resources and Support for Headaches, Guide to a...
Managing Headaches
Managing Headaches: Headache and Migraine Impact Quiz, Child Friendly Headache Q...
Medication: Migraine Patches: Do They Work and Where Do I Get One?, What to Take...
Migraines: Migraines With and Without Aura, Basilar-Type Migraine, Migraines...
Prevention: Head Pain: Don't Ignore It, Food Additives and Migraines, Eat Your...
Special Circumstances
Special Circumstances: Headaches and Iron Deficiency, Epileptic Attacks...
Latest Comments
  • ali
    Re: Headaches and Depression
    i have severe migraines, i have at least 5 per week, i also suffer from neuralgia, could the migraine attack trigger the neuralgia in…
    5 November 2014
  • HeadacheExpert
    Re: When to Suspect Meningitis
    @Amy - I'm afraid we cannot give medical advice. I suggest you call your doctor.
    30 October 2014
  • amy
    Re: When to Suspect Meningitis
    I have seviour headaces n high fever with neck pain n back pain is ot the sign of meningitis..
    29 October 2014
  • HeadacheExpert
    Re: Does Stroke Cause Headaches?
    @Mag I'm very sorry to hear your son passed away. Thank you for your comments.
    10 October 2014
  • MAG
    Re: Does Stroke Cause Headaches?
    will be 5 years Oct. 28 when my Pablo passed away. Was sick for 2 weeks with the cold.On a lot of medications. Cumadin, blood…
    10 October 2014
  • Jane
    Re: Migraines and Menopause
    Hello, I am Janet and going 49 yrs. old this year. I just read all the comments and I can totally relate because I am exactly in the same…
    5 September 2014
  • Michelle Gradowski
    Re: Can The Weather Cause Headaches?
    I'm curious if there is a state or region that is less humid or easier on the head pain? I am in IL and every day can pose a…
    5 September 2014
  • MrsC
    Re: Migraines and Menopause
    I was 51 this year, and just before I turned 51 in April, I started with the most horrendous headaches, which seemed to come from…
    4 September 2014
  • Krissi
    Re: Can The Weather Cause Headaches?
    I recently moved from the the Panhandle of Florida to the south east region of Idaho and have been experiencing headaches.…
    10 August 2014
  • Saima
    Re: Could My Headache Mean a Brain Tumour?
    Hi I am 30 years old women I have been suffering from a headache since last Last 14 years it started with a migraine…
    21 July 2014
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